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Steel Drum Production Line, Arch Sheet Building Machine, Roll Forming Machine, Arch Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Yingkou Professional Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. On 15000m2 occupancy area, more than 100 people work together to render our service for you, including 10 highly qualified technicians.We have an excellent R &D team and complete management system, always dedicated to providing stable, high efficient and precise equipment for International Clients. With high quality, reasonable price and "customer-oriented" service, we are already the recognized leader in the area and also supplier for many manufactures and trading companies.

Our main products are: Steel-drum production line, Steel drum, PRO-240/PRO-120 Arch sheet roll forming machine, Multi-shape Building Machine, Screw-jointed Equipment, Span Arch Sheet Project, MSBM Project, Screw-jointed Project, KR Series Roll Forming Machine,Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine, Double Layer Roll Forming Machine, 840 Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine,Corrugated Roof Sheet Forming Machine, Concealed Roof Sheet Forming Machine, Steel Decking Roll Forming Machine,C/Z/U/M Shaped Steel Purlin Forming Machine, Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine, Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine, Lifting Machine, Unlimited Length Ridge Tile Forming Machine, Sheering Machine, Window and Door Taping Machine, Flat Sheet Bending Machine, Pipe Bender Machine, Bending Machine, Slitting Machine, Slitting Line, SM-40 Spiral Steel Silo Forming Machine, PU Spray and Perfusion Equipment, Colored Steel Sheet Coils, etc.

Main Products
  • Beading Machine
  • Beading Machine Short introduction: controlled by PLC,hydraulic drive,equipped with linear rolling guide,speed control value control the box feeding. Main technics : 1. Beading ...
  • Mechanical Edge-curling Machine
  • Mechanical Edge-curling MachineShort introduction:controlled by PLC,hydraulic drive,7 layers edge curling.
    Main technics: 1.Drum height:886-897(mm)
    2.Motor power:45KW ...
  • PRO MSBMFeature of MSBM:
    1. Making more and different shapes. 2. PLC intelligent control, highly automated to get high efficiency...
  • Screw-jointed Project
  • Screw-jointed Equipment1. The machine can produce different length panel according to the project requirements.
    2. It can be transported to the construction site straightly...
  • Arch Sheet Building Project
  • Arch Sheet Building Project Our arch sheet forming machine can directly by produced on worksite, effectively lowering the cost. The project is widely used in large-scale and mid-scale industrial ...
  • MSBM Project
  • MSBM ProjectThe project is widely used in large-scale and mid-scale industrial construction, such as factory, warehouse, garage, gymnasium, exhibition center, cinema....