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Steel Drum


Classification of Steel Drum Container
Galvanized drum
Painting drum
Galvanized removable cover drum
Undercoat painting drum
Undercoat removable cover drum

Technical Details of steel drum container:
Material: cold-rolled steel sheet
Capacity: 216.5Liter
Usage: food or chemical
Type of top: fixed top or open top

Specification (mm) Weight (Kg)
1.20 (body+cover+bottom) 21.00±0.5
1.00 (body+cover+bottom) 18.00±0.5
1.00B body :1.00 19.00±0.5
cover & bottom :1.20
0.90 (body+cover+bottom) 16.50±0.5
0.90B body :0.90 17.00±0.5
cover & bottom :1.00
0.80 (body+cover+bottom) 14.50±0.5
0.80B body :0.80 15.50±0.5
cover & bottom :0.90

Yingkou Professional Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd steel drum container manufactures a complete line of new cold-rolled steel drums. No matter what your industry needs, we have the right containers with customizable features and specifications.

Steel Drums

Available in tight-head or open-head
Available in 55 gallon capacities
Available interior coatings include epoxy or epoxy phenolic
Optional silk-screening, stenciling, and palletization

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