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Sandwich Panel Forming Machine

Sandwich Panel Forming Machine

Main technics
1. Equipments outside dimension:38000mm × 3600mm × 3300mm 
2. Computer control system:whole machine adopts industrial      computer,PLC frequency control
3. Total power(include heat power):about 30kw
4. Working speed:1000~4000mm/min (frequency control)
5. EPS board density:>18KG/mmm 
6. Applied material:1000~1200mm × (0.5~0.6mm )EPS and PU
7. Power source:380V/50-60Hz
8. Finished board thickness:50-250mm
9. Annual production: 600,000㎡
10. Production weight:15T

Work flow

PRO-sandwich panel production line adopts advanced workmanship which is built through gas,electricity and mechanical, specialist for sandwich panel production. The variable speed controlled by stepless speed alters, can compress the corrugated sandwich panel at the same time. This production line is consisted of feeding device, formation device,combining device( roll forming, gluing, heating, combining, edge curving, slotting,edge treating and pneumatic /auto cutting) and has been widely used for shops,warehouses and walls.

Applied profile
1.Wall board ,EPS”H”board(1000-1200mm)
2.Concealed wall board, EPS match-board (950-1150mm)
3.Roof board, EPS lapping type 980 corrugated sandwich panel(980 three peaks)

Main configuration
1.  Decoiler and core shaft
     Decoiling locations:3 pieces;core shaft:4 pieces
     Applied inside diameter:500mm,
     Outside diameter:≤1300mm
     Load bearing:≤5T
2. Roll forming machine dimension:9500mmx1400mm(LxW),motor:2.2kw
3. Main machine:12000mmx2400mm(LxW),motor:2.2kw
4. Polyurethane 2 components , glue mixing besmear brushing device
5.  Cutting device:cutting device is moved lengthways,band saw blade is moved Laterally.Cutting device adopts blade saw of single face,it has       band saw expanding device,cutting device is equipped with sheet compaction device(pneumatic).Lengthways & Lateral movement of the       cutting device has limit device.This machine adopts φ255 alloy saw blade,cutting speed is about 1230r/min.
6. Transmission rack:Rack without power:2 groups,dimension:3000mmx1210mm
7. Electrical control system:PLC computer control

Yingkou Professional Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of sandwich panel forming machines in China. In addition to sandwich panel roll forming machines, we also produce flat sheet forming machine, double sheet forming machine, pipe bending machine, shearing machine, glazed tile forming machine, etc. Our products have been exported to Mexico, India, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Turkey, Romania, Iraq, Colombia, Albania, Mongolia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, etc.

Colored Plate PU Panel Production Line

Sandwich Panel Forming Machine

1. Load capacity: 5T
2. Colored plate thickness: 0.4-0.6mm
3. Colored plate width: 1070mm, 1200mm, 1250mm
4. Plate type: PU flat plate, effective area: 1150mm, 1180mm
Corrugated plate, effective area: 1000mm
5. Rolls for forming corrugated plate: 15
6. Material of roll: hard chrome plated 45 # steel
7. Spindle diameter: ø70mm
8. Motor: two-stage cycloidal speed reducer
9. PU thickness: 50-250mm
10. Composition: this colored plate PU panel production line consists of colored steel plate unwinding unit, press machine, feeding device, finished product cutting machine, and conveyor.
11. Cutting method: our colored plate PU panel making line adopts hydraulic control to produce and cut the composite board at the same time, thus ensuring high production efficiency.
12. Total power: 45kW.
13. Control system: Omron encoder.
14. Voltage: 380V, 50Hz.
15. Working speed: 0-5m/min, adjustable through the inverter.
16. Synchronous controller: KMD04B series digital synchronous controller
17. Number of motors: 22.
18. Heating pipe: 6 pipes, 2kW/pipe.
19. Application: roof panel, wall panel, etc.
20. Weight: 20T
21. Dimensions: 50.000 × 2.600 × 3.000mm
22. Plant requirements (L × W × H): 70m × 15m × 6.5m (min.)

Outline Drawing

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