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The machine is suitable for the large and small roof projects, rain proofing and waterproofing project, beautiful appearance roof made of complex sheet and flat sheet. The machine can press the ridge tile of any length, which can avoid the phenomena of rain leakage or seams breakage.

Unlimited Length Ridge Tile Forming Machine

Unlimited Length Ridge Tile Forming Machine


Size 3500mm × 800mm × 1100mm
Total weight about1200KG
Power 1.5KW
Working speed 20000mm/min
Feature and Usage

Founded in 2000, Yingkou Professional Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of unlimited length ridge tile forming machine in China. Here, we mainly provide arch sheet equipment (PRO-120 arch sheet forming machine, PRO-240 arch sheet forming machine), arch sheet project, PU spray and perfusion machine (polyurethane foam spraying machine, high-pressure polyurethane spray and perfusion machine), roll forming machine (such as corrugated sheet forming machine, flat sheet forming machine, etc), colored steel coil, and etc. With lots of experienced professional technicians and convenient transportation, we have gain favor of customers from many different countries around the world, such as Mexico, India, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Turkey, Romania, Iraq, Colombia, Albania, Mongolia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Guatemala, etc. If you need unlimited length ridge tile forming machine, please contact us.

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