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  • Decoiler & Hydraulic Supporter
  • Decoiler & Hydraulic SupporterShort introduction: Cantilever uncoiled, controlled by PL. Main technics:
    A) Uncoiling width: 916-1320mm
    B) Plate thickness: 0.6-1.2mm...
  • Edge Machine
  • Edging&Beading MachineShort introduction:controlled by PLC,hydraulic drive
    Main technics: a)Beading height:≤14mm
    B) Drum height:894-905(mm)...
  • Corrugation W Rib Machine
  • Corrugation W Rib MachineMain technics :
    a) Corrugating height: ≤3 mm
    b) W rib height: ≤9 mm
    c) Drum height: 884 mm-895 mm...
  • Washing & Drying Room
  • Washing & Drying RoomMain technics :
    a) Motor power: 25 KW
    b) Machine size: 20000×1920×3600(mm)
    c) Total weight: 28T...
  • Screw-jointed Equipment
  • Screw-jointed Equipment1. The machine can produce different length panel according to the project requirements.2.It can be transported to the construction site straightly when it finished on workshop...
  • Arch Sheet Building Project
  • Flat Sheet Roll Forming Machine Normal manual De-coiler (5T); Main machine of roll forming; Hydraulic forming cutting; Hydraulic station; PLC computer operation cabinet; Run-out table...
  • Double Sheet Forming MachineMain Technical Parameter of Double Layer Roll Forming Machine:
    Material Thickness:0.4 -0.8mm
    Feeding Width:1000mm...
  • PRO-KR18 Roll Forming Machine
  • Glazed Tile Forming MachineTechnical Parameter of PRO-Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine:
    Coil Dimension(Mm):1250×(0.4-0.6)×L, yieldstrength≤250MPa. Working Speed...