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Glazed Tile Forming Machine

Glazed Tile Forming Machine
Main parameter
Specification of rolling material 1250×(0.4-0.8)×L,yield strength ≤250MPa
Working Speed 3.0-4.0m/min (take 350mm pitch of waves as example)
Roller steps 16 steps
Frame of machine welded with 350H beam steel
Thickness of wallboard 16mm
Roller material adopts superior 45# forged steel,with hard chromium plated
Shaft material adopts superior 45# forged steel, quenching and tempering
Main shaft diameter ¢70 mm
Main motor power 5.5KW
Hydraulic station power 11KW
Hydraulic station pressure 10 -12Mpa
Electric control system adopts PLC (Panasonic)frequency control
Machine size 7000x1700x1400(mm)
Profile drawing:

Structure features and compositions
1.Structure features
a.Simple and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, .Our whole machine adopts profile steel structure and all processed after welding,so it can work stably and has high efficiency.
b.Our machine adopts full automatic accurate fixed length punching and cutting, ends of finished sheets are beautiful and neat, without deformation.
2.Equipment structure
Glazed tile roll forming machine is equipped with Feeding device (5 T capacity),transmission, main machine and roller, punching after roll forming, cutting device, hydraulic system, electric control system, run out table, etc.

Work flow
Loading→ De-coiling & Feeding → Adjusting & Guiding → Roll forming → Punching after roll forming → Cutting → Run our table

Stone Coated Roof Tile Production Line

Glazed Tile Forming Machine

Structure features and compositions
1) Coil sheet splitting machine
2) Shape cutting machine
3) Press machine and mold
Structure features and compositions
1. Composition of stone coated roof tile production line
1) Base glue spraying cabinet
2) Stone chip coating mechanism
3) Automatic rolling mechanism
4) The first drying oven
5) Surface glue coating cabinet
6) The second drying oven
2. Factory Layout

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