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Concealed Roof Sheet Forming Machine

Concealed Roof Sheet Forming Machine
Technical Parameters of Concealed Roof Sheet Forming Machine:
Dimension(Mm) 1000×(0.4~0.8)×L
Working Speed 8~12M/min
Roll Material #45 forge steel and surface hard chromium processing
Shaft Material #45 forge steel quenching and tempering
Overall Power 8.5kw
Main Power 5.5kw
Hydraulic Station Motor Power 3kw
Hydraulic Pressure 10~12 Map
Control System PLC

Characteristics of Concealed Roof Sheet Forming Machine:
1. The concealed roof sheet forming machine owns simple structure and beautiful appearance. The machine adopts H steel structure. After welding and processing, it can work steadily.
2. The main shaft is made of 45# forge steel. After surface hard chromium processing, quenching and tempering, the strength and hardness of the shaft can be greatly improved.
3. The concealed roof sheet forming machine’s main components come from well-known domestic enterprises. This can guarantee the performance of the equipment. The roll forming machine adopts automatic fixed-length molding cutting instrument. It is of high precision and no deformation.
4. The concealed roof panel forming machine is easy and convenient to install and adjust. It is not only suitable for factory production, but also can be transported to the construction site to be processed on the spot.

PS: The above parameter is just for reference, we can also produce machines according to your drawings.

Corrugated Bracket

Concealed Roof Sheet Forming Machine

Characteristics of Concealed Roof Sheet Forming Machine:
The corrugated bracket is applied to mount the tile to the roof, with its bottom fixed on the purlin and tis top stuck in the color steel plate. Generally, we use model 760, 820, 788, 475 and 470 mounting brackets. Compared with self-tapping screws, the corrugated bracket can be hidden under the tile, and it’s not prone to leak water and it’s rigid to withstand different weather conditions. Our mounting bracket is primarily used by steel structure manufacturers.
Size of corrugated bracket: height: 55mm, width: 65mm
middle opening: 23.5mm, side opening: 20mm
Thickness: 1.0mm / 1.2mm / 1.5mm

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