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Z Shaped Steel Purlin Forming Machine

Z Shaped Steel Purlin Forming Machine

Main Technical specification
1.Rolling material: 2-3mm thickness, including 5 sets of common moulds
2.Working speed : 8-10 M/min
3.Step of rollers : 13 steps
4.Main motor power : 15 KW
5.Hydraulic station motor power : 7.5 KW
6.Material of roller : CR12
7.Material of main shaft : 45# forged steel, quenching and tempering
8.Spindle Diameter : ¢90 mm
9.Wallboard thickness : 25 mm
10.Chain : double-row 20A
11.Hydraulic station pressure : 10-12MPa
12.Material of cutting blade : Cr12, quenched.
13.Seven rollers as flattening, Two rollers as pinching
14.Electric control system: whole machine adopts PLC (Panasonic) frequency control, Cut-to-length error≤±3mm

Equipment configuration
Feeding device , transmission, main machine and forming roller (including guide table), cutting (after roll forming) device, hydraulic system, electric control system, run out table, etc. Main rack of the machine is processed on the planer type milling machine.
Technological process figure

Production process
Manually de-coiling →Guiding & Feeding & Correcting→ Roll forming → Cutting after roll forming → Output product.
Profile (with 5 sets of moulds)

1.h=100mm,b=50mm,c=15mm,coil width=210mm
2.h=150mm,b=50/60mm,c=20mm,coil width=270/290mm
3.h=200mm,b=65/70mm,c=20mm,coil width=350/360mm
4.h=250mm,b=70/80mm,c=20mm,coil width=410/430mm
5.h=300mm,b=70/80mm,c=20mm,coil width=460/480mm

Our production is widely used in large-scale and mid-scale construction as the support of roof and wall, for instance, factory, warehouse, garage, gymnasium, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, garden, etc.

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