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  • PU-F2008 PU spray and perfusion equipment1. The PROPU-F2008 Polyurethane spray and perfusion equipment is more advanced compared to other types, bigger heating power , less weight and better flexibility.
    2. We provide various types of double spray guns, so you have more choices. The spray and perfusion function could be easily exchanged by changing the spray gun head...
  • PU-III PU spray and perfusion equipmentThe parts of the equipment are from America to make sure the pressure is enough to mix the double component materials together. We use a 2500w independent heater to solve the heat source and material sticky issue. We use a 15-meter pipe to keep the temperature warm. All these parts can make your operation and maintenance easier...
  • PU-109 PU foam machine1. This machine has one tank separated by left side and right side. The insulation material from two independent tanks flows into two sets of piston dosing pump.
    2. Setting up the motor, two sets of piston dosing pump working, the black and white liquid mixed together under certain ratio....
  • PU-IIIB235 PU spray and perfusion equipmentQuotation of PROPU-IIIB235 PU foam machine It has a molding system making the various proportions. The ratio between material A and B is from 1:1~1:2. Standard Configuration: Mainframe: 1 set Spray gun: 1 set Heating and preserved pipe: 15m Connecting pipe for spray gun: 1.5m...
  • Quotation Of H3500 spray machine1. Mainframe:1set 2. Spray gun : 1set
    3. Transfer pump: 2sets
    4. Connecting pipe for spray gun :3m
    5. Max. Pipe length:90m(optional)
    6. Heating and preserved pipe : 15m(standard)...
  • High-pressure PU injecting machineThis injecting machine is mainly used for PU rigid foam, Self-knit skin high rebound, Cold locker, Pipe in pipe, Refrigerator double-layered, Cushion and automobile fittings etc...

PU Spray and Perfusion Equipment (Polyurethane Printing Machine)

PU spray and perfusion equipment, is hydraulic-driven high pressure and made of polyurethane foam. After launching air-driven high pressure polyurethane foaming series, Yingkou Professional Company launched this hydraulic-driven high pressure polyurethane foaming series. As the most advanced and durable high pressure polyurethane perfusion foaming equipment in China, it can bring you considerable benefits.

1. We use the most advanced technology to ensure the material flow pressure is stable, and makes the double material blending in a better way.
2. Thanks to this easy and perfect perfusion structure, the spray gun could make full use of the part.
3. The spray gun jam issue has puzzled the small type of foaming equipment for a long time, but the powerful drive has solved this issue completely.
4. This user-friendly design makes it easy for everyone to use, including those without any professional training.

The new type of spray and perfusion equipment could be widely used in various areas, for instance, refrigerator warehouse, external heat preservation wall, water-proof roof and even gymnasium.

Founded in 2000, Yingkou Professional Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of steel drum production line, PU spray and perfusion equipment (Polyurethane Printing Machine) in China. Here, we mainly provide steel drum production line, arch sheet equipment (PRO-120 arch sheet forming machine, PRO-240 arch sheet forming machine), arch sheet project, roll forming machine (such as roof panel forming equipment, glazed tile forming machine, etc), colored steel coil, and press brake, etc. With lots of experienced professional technicians and convenient transportation, we have gain favor of customers from many different countries around the world, such as Mexico, India, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Turkey, Romania, Iraq, Colombia, Albania, Mongolia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Guatemala, etc. If you need, please contact us.